What is Google’s competitor to ChatGPT?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Google bard which is giving competition to Chat GPT.

Hello friends, how are you all, welcome to all of you once again in our today’s article. Friends, we are going to share with you something which can be very special for you. Yes friends, Google, which is known as the largest search engine in the world, do you know that Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has launched the Google bard phone, at the moment I would like to tell you that it is made available only for use. Has gone

And on the basis of them, it will be made available among the common people in the coming few weeks. Google bard is based on AI ie Artificial Intelligence. Talking about GPPG related to AI, it was done last year also on 30th November 2022 and from now on open mirror set GPTP concept capabilities and its impact on daily life what is disclosed.

Google has been continuously working on AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence for the last 6 years and finally, it unveiled its Google bard AI. Friends would like to tell you that Google bard is an experimental conversational AI service. Powered by the company’s language model for dialogue applications ie LaMDA. friends would like to tell you

Many questions are arising regarding google bard, which is clearly visible to me that Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google has proposed his Google bard as a rival of Chat GPT chatbot. Friends, people are getting their own reactions regarding these two.

In which it has also been revealed that to separate Google Bard AI from Chat GPT, it has been seen that Google Bard AI will be able to get information from the web. And on this basis would like to tell you that Google bard chatbot run by Sundar Pichai ji is giving competition to Chat GTP.

Google bard, as a competitor to GPT: Friends are seeing reactions to Sundar Pichai bringing his Google bard, in which we would like to tell you on the basis of some information that such major information has been received in which Sundar Pichai Ji states that bard has been designed to provide high-quality feedback by sourcing information from the web.

Friends here is going to be very beneficial as it can help people to understand complex topics like discovery of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope i.e. it will be very good for the understanding of a 9 year old child in which a Even a 9 year old child can understand it in very simple language or it can be used in other form as well like talking about the best players can tell you here

That about the best players in football can get training exercises to become more good and talented. By the way, let’s talk about Google’s passion, Google is currently releasing its Google bard initially with LaMDA k1 limited model version which requires less computing power but which allows it to scale for more users and Getting more feedback becomes easier. The company plans to augment bard’s responses and combine external responses with its internal testing to ensure high quality, safety and other questions in real-world information.

Which has created a situation to give a very fast competition to Chat GPT. Friends, this is a chat vote just like chat GPT, which answers users’ questions in the same way that the way Chand GPT is designed, it means to say that both of them are based on Artificial Intelligence, but still there is a considerable difference between the two

And as far as we see, I would like to tell you that Google Bard is being told better than Chat GPT. Google bard chat is said to be much better than GPT. Because the answers to the questions given by it would be very accurate and obtained from its web.

Would like to tell you that here our users can get answers to complex questions and simple questions related to any subject. Friends talk about chat GPT so it was only limited available on the internet that can reach but google bard can get information from all websites and then will be able to provide reliable information.

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