Google bard chat is different from GPT.

Hello friends, how are you all, we hope that all of you are healthy and safe, fullstop welcome all of you once again in our article. Friends, in the era of technology, that is, if we talk about the present time, then perhaps you would know that Google’s CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai has announced Google’s new chat bot service Google bard. It is a chat bot based on LaMDA.

In which you can get answers to Sensex and complex questions in very simple language, friends would like to tell for your information that Google bard has been released for users’ feedback for testing and the company also says that It will be expanded publicly after testing. besides you know

That Google’s CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai has named it bard as Experimental Conversational AI Service. And along with this, for your information, would like to tell that this chatbot is present as a competitor of Chat GPT.

Friends, if you also want to know about Google bard AI, then you are requested to stay with this article of ours, because today we are going to provide you very special information related to Google bard in our IS article, let’s know about them in detail.

See friends, first of all, for your information, let us tell you that Google bard AI chat is completely different from GPT. Yes friends, do not consider Chat GPT and Google bard to be the same at all because there are many differences between these two. These have also been confirmed. For your information, would like to tell that Google Bard has been brought in competition with Chat GPT. For which Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has based his new bard on LaMDA.

My friends, many things are coming out about Chat GPT and Google bard, which shows that Google bard is very different from Chat GPT, let’s know how.

How Google bard AI is different from Chat GPT: So friends, first of all as you probably know, we would like to tell you that Chat GPT is able to answer the questions of its users on the basis of pre-existing data but talk about Google’s bard would like to tell you that Google will operate its AI chat board with Language Model for Dialogue Application ie LaMDA.

On the basis of which it is very easy to say that Google bard can give very correct and accurate answers to its users. Google bard has been made available very brilliantly, for your information, would like to tell that Google also says that bard is being equipped with the support of the power, intelligence, creativity of the big language model. Friends, there is a lot of discussion among people about Google bard AI.

If we talk about the word bard, then a lot of searching is being seen about this word, where it has been asked what is the meaning of bard, then for your information we would like to tell you that bard means,

Poet. Like a poet who was found in the courts of kings and emperors in earlier times and he was skilled in composing and reciting verses on those heroes and their deeds, in the same way Google has also tried to give accurate answers to the questions of the users. has launched its AI chat board for

That’s why this chat board tool was named bard by Sundar Pichai. See friends, this question is also being raised by many people whether Google will be closed due to the arrival of Google bard ai, then we would like to tell them that the Google search engine will not be closed at all. Because at present, Google provides links to other websites to answer people’s questions.

So it cannot be said at all that the Google search engine will be shut down with the arrival of bard, but with the help of new AI tune, it will be able to provide answers equipped with the help of creativity to Google users in Hindi. No friends, in simple language, the company can update the new AI chat bot with its search engine i.e. Google.

For your information, would like to tell that Google bard AI is going to be very useful for you because in this you will get to see the combination of power intelligence and creativity, which will gather knowledge with the help of response from its users and information available on the web. And at the same time it will be of great help to its users.

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